15 Endurance Challenges
400 Meters
100 Yards
3 Best Times
$500 Cash & Prizes

The R.A.C.E. Fit & Fun – Endurance Challenge is High Impact, Intense, Fast-Paced, and all about your grit to endure! Drawing on the functional foundation of physical fitness, it is a true testament of your willpower, a test of your speed and endurance, and above all else, a challenge to your mental, physical, and emotional strength.

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The Endurance Challenge is all about your peak performance in a condensed period of time. How do you prepare? Let's just say, start by getting familiar with High Intensity Interval Training.

As runner, you may do great when it's time for your explosive cardio but you can't rely on that only. A well-balanced composition of strength and conditioning will provide that extra boost.

For you with strength and conditioning on lock, your cardio will definitely meet its match throughout the obstacle course. Find a way to build your ability to explode with speed and agility.

While you can wear whatever your choose, your traditional workout attire may not support the intensity of the Endurance Challenge. The R.A.C.E. Fit & Fun team has designed and tested an immensely intense obstacle that is completed in a relatively short period of time.

For this reason, consideration of compression apparel may help your body combat fatigue while supporting the need for explosive movement. Don't forget your shoes! A solid pair of athletic shoes designed for comfort, speed, agility, and stability is ideal.

Don't work, we will have beverage check points to keep your body hydrated.